Lymphoma Survival Rate

Lymphoma is a type of cancer that affect the lymphocytes which is part of immune systems. There exist about 35 different subtypes of lymphoma. Due to many types of lymphomas, lymphomas classification becomes very complicated. Lymphatics is composed of vessels which carry lymph fluid which contain the white blood cell. The white blood cells destroy abnormal cells. Lymphoma will result if the white blood cells are impacted and uncontrollably multiply. As cell multiply they form a tumor. The tumor invade the space of surrounding cells and thus overwhelm them. lymphocytes which are abnormal travel to the remote cells. Two types of lymphoma do exist ie Non-Hodgkin and Hodgkin type of lymphoma. The two types of diseases have different survival rates.

H.I.V., genetics, infections, aging and immunodeficiency disease are main diseases which are believed to cause lymphoma. Some of the common symptoms of the diseases include loss of weight, fatigue, sweating during the night, loss of appetite, itching frequently and fever.

Young adults between the age of 16 years and 34 years are the ones who are mostly affected by Hodgkin lymphoma, and the incidence rate is higher in males than in females. There are five subtypes of Hodgkin disease. This type of disease has an occurrence rate of about 7.2% and it is more common in caucasians than in african americans.

For young adults who are below 20 years the disease has a survival rate of 95.5%. In the past 30 years the death rate has decreased by about 3% in men and 3.7% in women. Non-Hodgkin type of lymphoma is more common than Hodgkin with 6.6% occurrence rate. There are about 30 different subtypes of Non-Hodgkin disease and it is likely to occur at old age. The lymphoma survival rate has raised to 84.4% in the last five years. Non-Hodgkin type is ranked position nine among the common death causes in males and sixth in women. By 2010 the number of new cases expected was 66,000 for Non-Hodgkin disease and about 8,500 for Hodgkin disease. By the same year around 20,000 people were expected to have died of NHL and 1,300 due to Hodgkin in the united states of America. These two type of lymphoma demonstrate similar symptoms and they usually have the same physical appearance but can be distinguished on microscopic examinations. According to the research lymphoma is one of the common type of blood cancer in USA.

Patients below the age of 45 years usually survives for a long period. lymphoma is curable if detected at early stages if it is slow lymphoma. Indolent lymphoma may go undetected until advanced stages and the patients can survive for 7- 10 years. Early diagnosis and use drugs can extend this period.

Aggressive type of lymphoma usually need aggressive treatment. It is of the opinion of the doctors that this type of lymphoma is curable if detected on its early stages.

Healthy eating like eating fruits and vegetables, avoiding fatty food, avoid smoking and alcohol, do a lot of exercises, learn manage your stress, sleep for enough number of hours help to reduce lymphoma. Lymphoma is usually incurable except in some cases but chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be used to reduce pain. With these type of treatment the patient can live a healthy life.

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