Is There An Alternative Lymphoma Treatment?

Lymphoma is a cancer that usually starts in your lymph glands and then spreads to other organs in the body. Often the treatment for Lymphoma is chemotherapy. Is there an alternative lymphoma treatment that will help rid the body of lymphoma? Many people are looking for natural cures that can help with cancer treatments. You should not try any treatments without discussing them with your doctor. There is a good chance he will know of alternatives that will work well with traditional therapies.


Alternative Lymphoma Treatment – Herbs and Supplements

Vitamin D has been found to work well in treating lymphoma. When the body has enough Vitamin D it can help with the treatment of Lymphoma. People who have low Vitamin D levels have shown to be more of a risk to lymphoma than other people. It has been found to very helpful in the treatment of this disease.

Indole 3-carbinol is another supplement that could be very useful in treating lymphoma. It is found in certain vegetables such as cabbage, kale, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.

Alternative Lymphoma Treatment – Diet

Believe it or not your diet can affect the growth of lymphoma. Lymphoma feeds off of certain nutrients that are taken into the body through food. It will feed off of glucose. By monitoring how much glucose you take into your body you can retard the growth of lymphoma. That means you will need to have a certain diet that is low in carbohydrates, glucose and amino acids. Several doctors now realize that diet can play an important part in treating lymphoma and will be able to help you start a healthy diet.

Alternative Lymphoma Treatment – Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine looks at a person as an individual and uses the resources nature has provided to come up with a plan that works for each individual. Naturopathic medicine helps by enhancing the metabolism of the body, boosting immune systems, increasing energy levels and decreasing the side effects of chemotherapy treatments. This is used along with traditional treatments to help you feel better during your chemo treatment.

Alternative Lymphoma Treatment – Mind and Body

Learning yoga and other forms of meditation will help you to cope with the stresses of Lymphoma. This is not a treatment that focuses on the disease but it will help with the emotional coping abilities. Meditation may also help with the side effects of traditional treatments.

Alternative Treatments and You

As you can see you have alternatives for treatment of lymphoma. You should not use any treatments without discussing them with your doctor first. There is a very real possibility that he will help you with alternative treatments. The goal of the doctor is to help you get better and to cope with this illness. If alternative treatments work, your doctor will likely know about them and will put you on alternative treatments along with traditional treatments like chemo.

It is never too late to try alternative treatments. You could end up feeling better and you could lessen symptoms and maybe even get cured with the use of alternative and traditional treatments.

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